The Tenth Annual Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectual Design Excellence 2008
Berkeley Prize 2008

The 2008 Travel Fellowship Competition

This opportunity is open to each student who placed as a semifinalist in the 2008 BERKELEY PRIZE Essay Competition.


In 2004, the Berkeley Prize Committee established the Berkeley Prize Travel Fellowship Competition. This new prize recognizes the vital role that exposure to other cultures and environments plays in helping to demonstrate the reality and importance of the social art of architecture. 

The top ten Semifinalists for the Berkeley Prize Essay Competition are invited to submit proposals demonstrating how they would use the opportunity to travel to an architecturally-significant destination selected by the Prize Committee. The Travel Fellowship provides round-trip airfare from the city in which the student is studying to the destination and back, and a stipend to cover lodging, food, and incidentals during their stay, normally for three weeks. 

The requirements for the Travel Fellowship Proposals are open-ended. The Committee and Travel Fellowship Jury look for both an understanding of the opportunity that is offered, and an understanding of the possible ways in which the student's research into the current year's Prize Topic might be furthered by the travel opportunity. 

The winning student will be asked to write a Report on their travels that will be posted on the Berkeley Prize website. Students are also asked to keep a photo diary of their time spent traveling that will also be posted on the website. 

The 2008 Travel Fellowship and The 2008 Architectural Design Fellowship

This year, BERKELEY PRIZE Semifinalists have been given a choice in opportunities.  They may compete in either the 2008 Travel Fellowship or in the first BERKELEY PRIZE Architectural Design Fellowship.   

Travel Fellowship candidates will be asked to submit a proposal for a specific plan of travel and study away from their academic institution during the Summer of 2008. This is an exciting opportunity to explore a different part of the world and  to participate in an organized project that  will assist the winner in gaining a deeper understanding of the social art of architecture.

Those who choose to pursue the Architectural Design Fellowship will continue to work towards implementing a design competition which addresses a particular social issue that he or she sees as vital.  This competition challenges the candidates to produce a thorough and practical proposal for a design competition that would benefit a selected region or institution.  The successful candidate will be provided with funds to support the competition and the professional guidance to carry it out.

This year YOU are selecting the travel destination.  Please read through the instructions on the To Enter page.  Please note that this year there is a dual opportunity.  Look also for information about the Architectural Design Fellowship on the same page.

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